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A home where women of all ages share sobriety, acceptance, safety, privacy, love, and dignity.  

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About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: To be a safe haven, relaxing retreat, and nurturing refuge for women who embrace a sober, healthy, and productive life.

Vision:  To support all women in recovery that are rebuilding a sober life and learning to forgive and love themselves.

Our Inspiration

The inspiration for Cassie’s Cottage began 23 years ago when two moms met at play group and their bond of friendship formed with a shared determination for education and information to help each other during a very difficult time in their lives. Through the years, their personal experiences with family and friends and the devastating effects of substance abuse and addiction had impassioned them to become further educated and informed so that they could do their part to fight this merciless disease. 

Our Module

To ensure a strong communal foundation based on the collaboration of many years of work experiences in the areas of healthcare, human resources, and education.

Your Journey

There are many paths available to you on your journey to recovery. We provide support in helping to guide you and assist in facilitating the goals set through coaching with acceptance. By rebuilding a sober life and learning to forgive and love oneself, we believe your fight can be won! Reach out to Cassie's Cottage today, we want to help.

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Cassie's Cottage

Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States



Cassie's Cottage is not a medical facility; however, we can assist in connecting you with a specific faculty: outpatient, psychiatric, therapeutic, primary/general, or other.  The services provided at our sober home for women should be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician's statements in your recovery plan, including aftercare.